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About Ashley Mayes Guice

 For Harris County Criminal Court at Law #16



  • Married to Army veteran Jonathan Guice, and proud mom to Gavin and Harper.

  • Born and raised in Harris County, Texas.

  • Law degree from Louisiana; previously worked in private practice and as an Assistant District Attorney.

  • Former Judge of Harris County Criminal Court at Law #3; current Staff Attorney for County Court Judges.


  1. Equal Justice for All: No one is above or below the law.

  2. Efficient Case Resolution: Timely and meaningful resolutions for all parties.

  3. Community Outreach: Promoting understanding of the legal system and encouraging public involvement.


I have the experience, temperament, and vision to serve you effectively. I invite you to #VoteTheVision.


Vote Ashley Mayes Guice for Harris County Criminal Court at Law #16.

Mission Statement

Equality and Justice for All

My mission is to serve as a beacon of justice, fairness, and efficiency in Harris County's legal system. Leveraging my diverse experience—from private practice to public service—I am committed to ensuring that everyone who walks into my courtroom is treated equally under the law. I strive to resolve cases in a timely manner that honors the needs of defendants, victims, and the community. Furthermore, I am devoted to enhancing public understanding of the legal system through proactive community education and outreach. This mission is not just mine, but a shared vision for a more equitable and transparent Harris County.

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